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All my friends are hooked on pills. 

All my friends are drunken ills. 

Lay in bed waiting for a call with 

hopes that someone would want to hang out today. 

What were you thinking when you were gunned down? 

What were you thinking you hung yourself above the ground? 

You hear silence while we hear sirens, 

leaking through when we get the call. 

I can’t take much anymore, 

my tears weigh me down on the floor. 

This is a constant reminder of what’s in store. 

Headaches, nightmares. 

Black skies, heart tears. 

I’m shaking, you don’t care. 

I’m aching, you don’t care.

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My three best friends and I planned a weeklong trip 
for our spring break during our senior year of high school 

We were untethered and free and grown 

We left before the sun rose and began the first leg 
to Virginia Beach for a couple of days 
before heading out to camp on the Outer Banks 

When we arrived, we spent the first night playing video games 
we brought from home in our hotel room 

In the morning, we ventured out into the world 
and wandered around until late at night 
like spectators or ghosts 
as artificial lights burned brighter than daylight 
The boardwalk was teeming with youth 
brashly claiming adulthood like it was the last day on earth 

We retreated back to our hotel, exhausted 

The phone in our room rang out at an ungodly hour 
(when only bad things are on the other end) 

I answered and gave it to Danny 
so he could hear his brother passed away 

He dropped the phone and bolted out into the hall, 
blind with grief 

We ran out after him, unsure of what to do 

He threw off our embrace and escaped down the stairs to the beach 

and haunted the shore of the Atlantic for hours and hours 

I waited and watched from a nearby park bench 

When he came back, we got into the car and drove the twelve hours back home 
and made it just in time for the funeral


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